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Caramelized Hot Milk
Inspiration: Sugar Kisses by Lorenzo Pazzaglia Caramelized Hot Milk, inspired by Lorenzo Pazzaglia's Sugar Kisses, enchants the senses with a luscious blend of sweet notes, creating a warm and indulgent olfactory experience. It opens with the creamy and velvety Fior...
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Exotic Hammer
Inspiration: Summer Hammer by Lorenzo Pazzaglia When we think of summer, many notes come to mind. These can be citrus notes, fruity notes, tropical notes, and even marine notes. What happens when we combine some of the highest quality notes...
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Vanilla Drenched In Caramel Rhum
Inspiration: Van Py Rhum by Lorenzo Pazzaglia What happens when you start a fragrance with the highest quality Vanilla ingredient you can get your hands on? Apparently, for this latest inspired expression, it’s not enough. One Vanilla ingredient alone won’t...
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Vanillac Ecstasy
Inspiration: Van Exstasyx by Lorenzo Pazzaglia We have encountered many Vanilla fragrances throughout our long journey, but we can confidently say that the end of the road is here. With Vanilla being the driving force behind this fragrance, lovers of...
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Sangria Fiesta
Inspiration: Sun-gria by Lorenzo Pazzaglia Sangria Fiesta our latest summer drop, inspired by the Sun-gria by Lorenzo Pazzaglia. Be with us on this exciting tropical journey to celebrate summer in a fun fragrant way. The fragrance opens up with the...
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Fireworks Of Sweets
Inspiration: Sweet Xplosion by Lorenzo Pazzaglia Do you still enjoy watching fireworks lighting up the night sky? How joyful and exciting the experience is, isn’t it? The aroma of Fireworks Of Sweets will excite you even more. By taking inspiration...
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