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Inspiration: Ask by Khaltat

Khaltat is a brand from the United Arab Emirates, and it seems as though their goal is to create rich, exotic, and long-lasting compositions! Nothing says exotic quite like a combination of agarwood and rose, and that is what you will find in Ask! To enrich the blend and make it that much more enticing, a smooth sandalwood note deepens the sensation for an irresistible aroma that is bound to captivate you from the start. The naturally spicy facets of the rose linger for hours while the agarwood becomes clearer as the hours pass. The woody backbone of the fragrance complements the natural aroma of the rose to evoke a field of the flowers surrounded by towering woods. Permission is our exotic and unmistakable inspired expression of this amazing fragrance, and you need not ask to try it. We are proud to bring it to you for your olfactory pleasure, and your metaphorical journey to exotic lands awaits!


NOTES: Rose, Sandalwood, and Agarwood.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

$ 33.00
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