Inspiration: M by Puredistance The luxury of the interior of an Aston Martin is represented lavishly and beautifully in this most regal creation by Roja Dove. Puredistance M is the holy grail of leather fragrances, and it rests at the...
$ 75.00
Exclusive Citrus
Inspiration: Aenotus No. 09 by Puredistance Puredistance perfumes are some of the most expensive fragrances on the market. When a 17.5ml bottle sells for $190, it certainly conveys opulence and luxury. That is precisely what is happening with Aenotus, which...
$ 65.00
Sold Out
Distance to Britain
Hybrid: Puredistance M No. 03 by Puredistance & Great Britain by Roja Parfums Roja Dove is one of the most accomplished perfumers of our generation. His contributions span several brands, and two of them are his own brand and Puredistance....
$ 33.00

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