Drowning In Strawberry Caramel Delight
Tribrid: Ani by Nishane, Aurum by Kemi & Lira by Xerjoff There are times when we wish to convey a sense of professionalism with our fragrance. At other times, we wish to feel energized. On certain special occasions, we wish...
$ 60.00
Drowning In Vanilla By The Fireplace
Hybrid: Ani by Nishane & By The Fireplace by Maison Martin Margiela While we specialize in hybrids, we often don’t synthesize one unless we are completely confident of the blend. Today’s hybrid is one that came to us seamlessly and...
$ 60.00
Aphrodisiac Drowned in Vanilla
$ 60.00
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Aphrodisiac Drowned in Vanilla
Hybrid: Ani by Nishane & Psychedelic Love by Initio Parfums . The Dua Brand specializes in hybrids, and we don’t often consider a combination unless it satisfies certain criteria. These criteria include the sharing of common ingredients, a pleasing outcome,...
$ 60.00
Drowning in 44 Shades of Italiano Pomme
Quadbrid: Ani by Nishane, Vanille 44 by Le Labo, Italica by Xerjoff & Paris Apple Brandy by Kilian When considering the ultimate gourmand fragrances on the market, there are several that come to mind immediately. While we have created hybrids...
$ 65.00
Drowning in Bleu de Savage Fierce
Quadbrid: Ani by Nishane, Sauvage (EDT Vintage Formulation) by Dior, Fierce (Vintage Formulation) by Abercrombie & Fitch & Bleu de Chanel (EDT Vintage Formulation) by Chanel. When it comes to layering combinations, the possibilities are endless. For this reason, there...
$ 60.00
Drowning in Zest
Hybrid: Ani by Nishane & A*Men Ultra Zest by Mugler Thierry Mugler shocked and disappointed the community when it decided to discontinue Ultra Zest. Collectors of A*Men flankers raced in a desperate and ultimate attempt to add this elusive flanker...
$ 60.00
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Drowning in Caramel Cherry Delight
Tribrid: Ani by Nishane, Lira by Xerjoff & Lost Cherry by Tom Ford. When gourmand fragrances come to mind, two of our nominations are Nishane Ani and Lira by Casamorati. The vanilla and caramel combination of the two is enough...
$ 33.00
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