The Most Luxurious, Exquisite Perfumes!

Introducing EFQUE - Our perfume collab with a Pakistani Celebrity. This collection features 4 magnificent fragrances, 2 for him and 2 for her. With some of the most heavenly notes, these fragrances consists of the most luxurious compositions that you can ever find! Discover our exquisite perfumes today!

AVAILABLE NOW! The man of mystery is oft revered for his humble and smooth confidence. His arresting smile conveys romance and his charming appearance is only complimented by his expertly tailored outfit. We wish to be in his company and...
$ 100.00
AVAILABLE NOW! With luggage left unpacked, your eagerness to bask in the afternoon sun beckons you outdoors. You open the French doors, the sunny beams greet you with their comforting warmth and you sense that your adventure is just getting...
$ 100.00
AVAILABLE NOW! The cameras’ flash flickers as the starlet dominates the runway. With every turn of her head, a wave of clicks is heard, eager to capture her enchanting smile. She is admired for her glamour and grace and thus,...
$ 100.00
AVAILABLE NOW! It was once said that love is the purest form of a soul at peace and life is about making every moment count. Thus, we present to you, Moelleuse, perfectly tailored for the gentle soul who understands the...
$ 100.00

Indulge in the Power of Premium, Exquisite Perfumes!

The collection EFQUE features some of the most treasured fragrance blends that are premium and just scream luxury at its finest! It's a perfume collab with a celebrity and we're so proud to bring 4 exclusive scents to life for you all! Explore today.

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