Cologne De Musk
Inspiration: Musk Cologne by Bortnikoff Bortnikoff is an artisanal brand that is known for the lasting power of their creations as well as the quality of the raw materials. Since the brand opts for natural ingredients, this happens to include...
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Inspiration: Sir Winston by Bortnikoff In case you’re not too familiar with the brand Bortnikoff, there is one thing that should be made abundantly clear. Bortnikoff utilizes some of the finest natural ingredients that the industry has to offer. That...
$ 33.00
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City Dweller
Inspiration: Scheherazade by Bortnikoff City Dweller is a perfume that spins a captivating tale that is as seductive as the famous storyteller herself. It evokes the enchantment of a moonlit bazaar with each spray, where the notes dance like characters...
$ 65.00
Celestial Cologne
Inspiration: Cologne Céleste by Bortnikoff A fragrance unfurls beneath a cosmic canvas covered in a tapestry of stars, a symphony of citrus that dances against the skin. Pink grapefruit and lemon shine like far-off constellations, their colorful zest illuminating the...
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Timeless Cologne
Inspiration: Classica by Bortnikoff Leather fragrances are a dime a dozen. However, there is one perfume on the market with zero gimmicks, and it comes from a brand that has set a standard for indie and other artisanal brands. The...
$ 33.00
Maximum Oud 2020
Inspiration: Oud Maximus 2020 by Bortnikoff Brands hailing from Thailand are few and far between. One such brand is Bortnikoff, and the quality of their compositions will leave you speechless. Many ardent fans praise hits such as Sayat Nova and...
$ 150.00

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