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Inspiration: Sundazed by Byredo. A hot summer's day is perfectly exemplified in the olfactory experience of a tale that only Byredo can tell. Warm citrus notes of lemon and mandarin transmit beams of light that luminate even the darkest of...
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Dazed in the Matrix
Hybrid: Sundazed by Byredo & Nio by Xerjoff Xerjoff Nio has long been known as an organic blend of bergamot and cardamom. Byredo Sundazed is equally present and recognized in the citrus arena, and for a special twist, there is...
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Elated While Dazed
Hybrid: Celebration by Royal Crown & Sundazed by Byredo Parasols stretch for miles on the sunny beaches, which are always the summer’s main attraction. The sounds of crashing waves compete with the volume of the children’s laughter and the upbeat...
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Gypsies Elixir
Inspiration: Gypsy Water by Byredo Byredo has blessed us with fragrances like Pulp, Bal d'Afrique, and Seven Veils. However, there is one fragrance that has picked up an impressive amount of traction lately when it comes to its popularity. This...
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Royal Mandarino Tabacum
Hybrid: Royal Elixir by The Dua Brand & Tobacco Mandarin by Byredo When it comes to original fragrances that we use in our hybrids, Belgian Choco Truffle is our rock star! However, there is a new kid on the block,...
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