Magic Of Hibiscus
Inspiration: Hibiscus Mahajád by Maison Crivelli Hibiscus is an intoxicating ingredient in perfumes, and its unstoppable aroma is penetrating and inebriating! It has soft floral tendencies with an undercurrent of musk, and it works beautifully as a heart note in...
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Passion Fruit Oudh
Inspiration: Oud Maracujá by Maison Crivelli Introducing Passion Fruit Oudh, an inspired interpretation of the luxurious Oud Maracujá by Maison Crivelli. Unveil the layers of this captivating fragrance as the luscious Passion Fruit Accord dances with the warm embrace of...
$ 55.00
Chromatic Amber
DUA DESIGNER LINE Inspiration: Ambre Chromatique by Maison Crivelli Inspired by the timeless elegance of Ambre Chromatique by Maison Crivelli, we present you Chromatic Amber. Prepare to embark on a sensory journey like no other, where each note is a...
$ 33.00

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