Village of Karaotlak
Inspiration: Halfeti by Penhaligon The river Euphrates provides a picturesque landscape as the sun’s beams are refracted off the surface of the water and directed towards the stone and sun-dried brick houses resting peacefully on the uneven earth. Cypress trees...
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His Sartorial
Inspiration: Sartorial by Penhaligon's Penhaligon’s Sartorial is arguably the best release by the brand. This aromatic fougére fragrance is altogether classy and sophisticated. The lavender is the star of the show while beeswax and myrrh create the complexity that the...
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Life In Cairo
Inspiration: Cairo by Penhaligon’s The capital of Egypt is a tourist’s dream destination. From the Nile River to the King Tut artifacts that are located there, there is so much to explore in this city that has such a rich...
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Petra's Legacy
Inspiration: Legacy of Petra by Penhaligon's This British perfumery established in 1870 is among the richest in the industry. Their long-standing history and influence is something that is unmatched, and the brand is seemingly deserving of all of the praise...
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European Wealth
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European Wealth
Inspiration: Constantinople by Penhaligon's Fragrances have the ability to convey wealth and opulence. The grandeur of many of the ingredients evokes a richness that is arresting and seductive. Constantinople is one of those fragrances with its enchanting combination of vanilla,...
$ 55.00
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