D Pour Homme
Inspiration: V Pour Homme (vintage formulation) by Valentino The year is 2006, and Valentino has just released an exotic and seductive men’s fragrance entitled V Pour Homme. This counterpart to the woman’s version was enough to make all the young...
$ 55.00
Heart Of Rome
DUA DESIGNER LINE Inspiration: Valentino Donna Born In Roma by Valentino Rome is symbolic for some of the richest history of the world. Whether we are focusing on the colosseum of Rome or the Pantheon, there is no shortage of...
$ 33.00
Gone Swimming In Heart Of Rome
DUA+ $ 49.50
$ 55.00
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Gone Swimming In Heart Of Rome
Hybrid: Afternoon Swim by Louis Vuitton & Donna Born In Roma by Valentino Valentino has released many gems throughout the years. The brand has accrued a positive reputation in the fragrance community, and Valentino Donna seems to get a lot...
$ 55.00

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