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Eccentric Gourmand
Inspiration: Sadanne by Slumberhouse The indie brand Slumberhouse has certainly released some of the most eccentric fragrances that we have ever tried. This is a motif among the brand, and fragrances like Sova and Grev are praised for how original...
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Exquisitely Aromatic
Inspiration: Grev by Slumberhouse METAL PLAQUE LABEL Slumberhouse is one of the most respected indie brands in the industry. With masterpieces like Sova and Pear + Olive, we are not surprised that they get as much love as they do....
$ 75.00
Intoxicating Tabac
Inspiration: Jeke by Slumberhouse METAL PLAQUE LABEL Slumberhouse is an indie brand that has unfortunately discontinued many of its fragrances throughout the years. As per our initial promise, we mentioned that we wouldn’t recreate anything from this brand unless it...
$ 100.00
Sold Out
Inspiration: Pear + Olive by Slumberhouse The work of independent perfumers extends beyond admiration. Pear + Olive was welcomed with open arms during its 2012 release. The craftsmanship is superb, and the experience is remarkably unforgettable. Like the creaminess of...
$ 33.00

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