Eccentric Gourmand

Exquisitely Aromatic
Exquisitely Aromatic
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Inspiration: Sadanne by Slumberhouse

The indie brand Slumberhouse has certainly released some of the most eccentric fragrances that we have ever tried. This is a motif among the brand, and fragrances like Sova and Grev are praised for how original and quirky they are. There is a gourmand fragrance that also tends to get a lot of love, and it’s called Sadanne. This strawberry based composition is altogether fruity and boozy with an undertone of white wine. The spicy and creamy facets are further brought out with a touch of amber in the dry down, which isn’t reflected in the notes. Ambergris conveys freshness while woodsy notes guarantee that this will be a fragrance that will last you the entire day. Our impression of this discontinued fragrance is called Eccentric Gourmand, and we can guarantee you that it will be an experience quite different from anything you have tried before. We look forward to you experiencing the magic of this perfume once more or for the first time!


NOTES: Strawberry, Ambergris, Damask Rose, White Wine, and Woodsy Notes.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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