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Loss Of Words
Inspiration: I Don’t Know What by D.S. & Durga D.S. & Durga is a Brooklyn-based brand that has created spectacular perfumes for many years. This was a scent that was released in 2018, and now we finally present to you...
$ 55.00
Citrus Of Italy
Inspiration: Italian Citrus by D.S. & Durga With summer right around the corner, we are getting ready to put on our favorite citrus fragrances! Citrus comes in many forms, and Italian Citrus by D.S. and Durga uses some of the...
$ 55.00
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Timeless Grapefruit
Inspiration: Grapefruit Generation by D.S. & Durga Citrus fragrances have a wide-reaching appeal, and with the effervescent brightness that happens to bring so much joy and flavor to our days, who can resist an exceptional citrus fragrance? This is exactly...
$ 33.00

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