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Let us take you into the world of fresh green fragrances! Indulge yourself in the lush scents of nature with our exclusive collection of green bottle colognes. Uniquely crafted to capture the essence of sprawling meadows, verdant forests, and blossoming gardens, these green fragrances will transport you to the forest with just a few spritz.

Inspiration: Hugo (Vintage 1995 Formulation) by Hugo Boss The 90’s were graced with long-lasting fragrances and perfumes with uncompromising performance. In recent years, the quality of many fragrances has dwindled, and the performance lacks the grandeur of decades past. In...
$ 33.00
19 Shades of Baie
Inspiration: Baie 19 by Le Labo With a name like “berry” in French, the smell of this fragrance retains its ambiguity. Of course, the note breakdown is much more revealing than what one would think, and juniper berry is the...
$ 60.00
A Dua Sunrise
Inspiration: Petit Matin by MFK As the sun rises, we allow its warming beams to enter our space and greet us at the start of our day. We feel the heat gently caressing us as the giant star comforts us...
$ 60.00
A Green Scent
Inspiration: Vert Boheme by Tom Ford The socially unconventional nature of bohemian culture is to be appreciated for its idiosyncratic distinction and its artistic inclination. In a world of perfumes where many scents often resemble others, unique olfactory expressions are...
$ 33.00
A Greener Dua
Inspiration: Baie de Genievre by Creed Creed has been known to discontinue many of their older fragrances. This has left collectors and connoisseurs a bit upset since many fragrances are no longer available to them. One of the earlier releases...
$ 33.00
Captivating Nature
Inspiration: Encelade by Marc-Antoine Barrois A spritely rhubarb note gives off its gentle sweet aroma to excite our senses. The smoothness of sandalwood combines with the rich sweetness of tonka bean, which gives this perfume warmth and endurance. Cedar wood...
$ 33.00
Divine Green
Inspiration: Muguet (Vintage Formulation) by Guerlain While we love creating original fragrances as well as creating inspired expressions of expensive niche fragrances, one of our biggest pleasures is resurrecting discontinued and vintage fragrances. One such fragrance is Muguet by Guerlain,...
$ 33.00
Dua Mukhallat Series 003
Original: A Dua Original Blend As part of our Mukhallat series of perfumes, the extension of this collection is now greeted with a third installment which is centered around notes of saffron, exotic flowers, amber, rose, and musk. This floral...
$ 33.00
Dua’s Touch for Her
Inspiration: Touch for Women by Burberry In 2000, the fragrance world was introduced to a pair of fragrances form the company Burberry. While the men’s counterpart is a violet leaf- dominant composition, the women’s iteration explores avenues full of pepper,...
$ 33.00
Endorphin for Him
Inspiration: Polo Sport (Vintage 1994 Formulation) by Ralph Lauren In our most recent expression to induce nostalgia, we take a trip back to 1994 when Ralph Lauren released Polo Sport. This aquatic fragrance was a staple in the collections of...
$ 33.00
Error 409
Inspiration: If you know, you know! The 90’s saw a surprisingly pleasant finish when a particular fragrance was released. With notes of banana leaf and fig leaf, there was no denying the uniqueness and appeal of this fragrance. Many confident...
$ 33.00
Frosted Empire
Inspiration: Winter Palace by Memo Paris The mighty dragon rises from his slumber. His intimidating presence is enough to scare away any intruder thinking of sneaking past the gates into the frosted empire. We make our ascent over the hill...
$ 60.00
Sold Out
His Curve
Inspiration: Curve for Men (Vintage) by Liz Claiborne In 1996, the brand Liz Claiborne ended up releasing what would eventually become one of the most iconic fragrances of all time. This fragrance is called Curve, and in a previous generation,...
$ 50.00 $ 33.00
Magnificent Istria
Inspiration: Histria by Wesker Step into a forest of fresh and earthy scents with this captivating fragrance. The opening notes of pine needles, bergamot, lemon, and mandarin orange create a bright and invigorating aura, reminiscent of a crisp winter morning....
$ 33.00
Mandarin Oolong Tea 1.0
Hybrid: Molecule 01 + Mandarin by Escentric Molecules & Wulong Cha by Nishane Wulong Cha is a fragrance that evokes ultimate relaxation and refreshment for us! Wit its notes of tea, fig, musk, and orange, this fragrance is soothing and...
$ 60.00
Inspiration: Matcha Meditation by Maison Martin Margiela Matcha is the ultimate drink when it comes to meditation and contemplation. The aroma of this tea is enough to transport us to a state of relaxation, and a single sip stimulates our...
$ 33.00
AVAILABLE NOW! It was once said that love is the purest form of a soul at peace and life is about making every moment count. Thus, we present to you, Moelleuse, perfectly tailored for the gentle soul who understands the...
$ 100.00
Oolong Tea
Inspiration: Wulong Cha by Nishane Turkish brand Nishane has some of the most talked-about fragrances on the market. This powerful brand has brought us hits ranging from Hacivat to Ani and even NEFS. However, there is one fragrance that always...
$ 60.00
Prince Of Oud
Inspiration: Nawab Of Oudh Intensivo by Ormonde Jayne Connoisseurs of fragrance don’t hesistate much when it comes to spending $280 for a 50ml bottle. Most people, on the other hand, have other matters that require their financial attention. In the...
$ 60.00
Rain Water
Inspiration: Aqua Celestia Forte by MFK Maison Francis Kurkdjian is a house with some exceptional fresh and citrus-based fragrances. From Aqua Vitae to Cologne Pour Le Matin, there is no shortage of refreshment when it comes to the selections made...
$ 60.00
Sweet Infinity
Inspiration: Aqua Celestia by MFK/strong> Fresh fragrances are done exceptionally well when they are from the brand Maison Francis Kurkdjian. From Aqua Universalis to Cologne Pour Le Matin, citrus and floral notes create the roadmap for freshness. In Aqua Celestia,...
$ 60.00
Vert Gentilhomme's Instinct
Hybrid: Green Irish Tweed & Green Valley by Creed Green to the second power is the simple formula for this most recent and exciting hybrid from The Dua Brand. The complex formula includes multiple trials and stabilization tests that successfully...
$ 60.00

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