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Welcome to Nomad Profumo! Our unique collection will take you on a scent-sational journey across the globe. Each Nomad perfume captures the essence of a vibrant city, encapsulating its spirit in a bottle. Feel the energy of the refreshing sea breeze of Miami, or the romantic vibe of Paris. Let our Cities Inspired Perfumes be your scented passport!

Nomad Profumo - Miami
A Dua Fragrances Original Blend! Palm trees populate the perimeter of the coast as the wheels of longboards create the rapping sound against the planks of the boardwalk. The sun is always shining, and our nomadic quest has been blessed...
$ 150.00
Nomad Profumo- Paris
Nomad Profumo: A Scent Memory - Paris Original: A Dua Original Blend As an extension to our collection, which is inspired by my travels to various destinations, we have reached the gate at the famous Paris Orly Airport. You take...
$ 150.00
Nomad Profumo – Singapore
Original: A Dua Original Blend One island country to which I have had the pleasure of traveling is Singapore. Known for its global financial center and its well-known botanical garden, this Asian country is an ideal travel destination for many....
$ 150.00
Nomad Profumo - Peru
Original: A Dua Fragrances Original Blend As an extension to our Nomad Profumo collection, which is inspired by my travels to various destinations, we have now disembarked the plane at a major airport in the South American country of Peru....
$ 150.00

Explore the World through Art of Perfumery!

Embark on an aromatic adventure with our Travel Inspired Perfumes. Our Nomad perfumes are your quick journey to some of the most loved and breathtaking destinations around the world! Whether you're a passionate traveler or a dreamer seeking a scented getaway, our travel inspired perfumes will awaken your wanderlust!

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