Exotic Holy Grail 3
Hybrid: Parfum de La Nuit No. 3 by Roja Parfums & L’Iris de Fath by Jacques Fath Imagine a natural iris aroma so entrancing that your reality will be momentarily suspended when you smell it. The intermingling of rose and...
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Holy Grail
Inspiration: Iris Gris / L’Iris de Fath by Jacques Fath. 1946 spawned the birth of what is arguably the single greatest iris fragrance ever composed. Since its creation, it has been adored by fans worldwide, and it continues to fascinate...
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King’s Holy Grail Oud
Hybrid: Interlude Man by Amouage & L’iris de Fath by Jacques Fath When Interlude Black Iris by Amouage was released, we realized how beautifully the smoky character of Interlude Man can combine with notes of iris and orris root to...
$ 33.00

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