Majestic Taif
Inspiration: Taif Aoud by Roja Parfums Majestic Taif by Dua Fragrances is a recreation of the brilliant Taif Aoud by Roja Parfums: a composition that was devotedly composed exclusively for Fortnum & Mason. This luxurious extrait de parfum captures all...
$ 60.00
Sold Out
Inspiration: Superstitious by Frederic Malle Frederic Malle fragrances cover a wide array of price ranges. In the case of Superstitious, the 100ml bottle sells for $390. Niche brands express much freedom in their ability to charge high prices, and the...
$ 33.00
White Beauty
Inspiration: Blanche by Byredo Aldehydes have been in use when it comes to perfumery for too many years to count. With hits like Chanel’s No. 5, it seems like aldehydic notes have acquired a particular reputation. As it turns out,...
$ 55.00
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