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Dua's Suede
Inspiration: Cuir Beluga (Vintage Formulation) by Guerlain Fifteen years ago, the industry was given the gift of some of the best creations ever made. Among them is Cuir Beluga by Guerlain, and fans of the leather genre still consider this...
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F'ing Cherry
Hybrid: Fucking Fabulous & Lost Cherry by Tom Ford. Clandestine sexual innuendos and showboating displays of outrageousness are bottled in two of Mr. Ford’s most recent creations. Dutifully following the orders of the master himself, we can expect that tens...
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AVAILABLE NOW! The man of mystery is oft revered for his humble and smooth confidence. His arresting smile conveys romance and his charming appearance is only complimented by his expertly tailored outfit. We wish to be in his company and...
$ 100.00

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