Poseidon's Vert Casino
Tribrid: Green Irish Tweed by Creed, Aventus by Creed & Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait by MFK While the construction of hybrids is a common practice in Dua land, tribrids are not as common for a variety of factors. To start,...
$ 65.00
31 Shades of Rosa
Inspiration: Rose 31 by Le Labo One thing to be admired regarding French brand Le Labo is their transparency. Our multiple lab analyses have confirmed that the ingredients in Rose 31 do indeed total 31, and each one is more...
$ 60.00
Satin Pastèque
Hybrid: Bleu Satin by MDCI & Millesime Imperial by Creed Whilst watermelon is not a note that is found in too many perfume compositions, there are two for which the use of its accord is notable and sought after. These...
$ 60.00
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The Soul of Rose
Inspiration: Temporaline by Henry Jacques The beauty and delicacy of rose is something to be admired by all. Regardless of the variety, there is something beautifully organic and spellbinding about the aroma of rose. Its graceful demeanor stands composed among...
$ 33.00
Dua Mukhallat Series 002
Original: A Dua Original Blend As part of our Mukhallat series of perfumes, the extension of this collection is now greeted with a sweet, woodsy and smoky composition unlike one we have ever experienced before. As the word mukhallat means...
$ 65.00
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