Heart Of Blue
Inspiration: Blue Heart by Thameen London A scent that embodies the deepest feelings of love and amour! Thameen London released an exceptional amber fragrance in 2022, and this fragrance is called Blue Heart. With its combination of coconut and spices,...
$ 33.00
From Patiala
Inspiration: Patiala by Thameen Thameen London is a respected UK brand that has worked diligently for the positive reputation that it upholds. Its wonderful creations include Green Pearl, Carved Oud, Regent Leather, Imperial Crown, and more! Patiala is an amber...
$ 33.00
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Carved From Aoud
Inspiration: Carved Oud by Thameen What makes an oud fragrance so great? Is it the origin from which the oud raw material is sourced? Is it the time of maceration for this precious agarwood ingredient? Regardless of what it is,...
$ 60.00

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