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Inspiration: Turath by Spirit Of Dubai. The illustrious city of Dubai is brilliantly captured in an enchanting composition by The Spirit of Dubai called Turath. It tells of tales recounting the consumption of Qahwa, which is a fermented coffee beverage...
$ 75.00
Spiced Citrus
Inspiration: Bahar by The Spirit of Dubai The Spirit of Dubai never fails to release unique fragrances that have unparalleled quality. Making comparisons to other popular brands is not something that can be easily done with The Spirit of Dubai...
$ 60.00
Oudh of Dubai
Inspiration: Dubai Oud by The Spirit of Dubai The Spirit of Dubai holds the reputation of making some of the most opulent and exotic fragrances the perfume industry has ever witnessed. With offerings like Turath and Fakhama, the quality of...
$ 65.00

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