No More Blind-Buys With DUA Solo!

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Are you planning on splurging this week by buying a new fragrance? Or maybe planning on gifting one to your friends and family? Whatever the occasion is, one can never go wrong with buying a fragrance (whether that’s meant for you or someone else!). It’s one of the most classic presents you can give to anyone, because it not only shows your thoughtfulness but also impeccably captures the person’s individuality and character.

Choosing a fragrance is like selecting your olfactory identity. However, we know that sometimes buying a fragrance online can seem like a daunting task. You might worry that when your order arrives you may not fully enjoy the scent as much as you hoped you would. Because of this, The Dua Brand has introduced DUA Solo, an opportunity to test out countless fragrances from our extensive range which includes an exquisite collection of Dua Originals, Inspired Expressions and Hybrids!


DUA Solo - our latest product, which is a 10 ml vial, is the perfect size to not only try out your fragrances before buying the full 30ml bottle, but also allows you to easily carry them with you during your next travel excursions.

Because scents work quite differently on different people due to their unique skin chemistry. You can use the 10ml vial for a week or so to properly try out the fragrance and then decide if you would like to buy the 30ml bottle.

DUA Solo’s starting price is set to be from $20, but did you know that our discount codes will be applicable on it as well, if you order it during our sale events?! Another exciting discovery is that despite DUA Solo being advertised as a 10ml travel spray, it is however being filled to 13ml of fragrance volume! So, you’ll be getting at least 130 sprays!

Life could be so much easier if you could just smell the fragrances through your screens before buying them online. However, until the world reaches that level of technological advancement, you can always count on DUA Solo – a fool-proof way to test out the fragrances and discover the ones which speak solely to you!

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