Zodiac Signs & Their Signature Scents – Part 2


Similar to Part 1, where we explored the scents resonating with adventurous Aries to sensual Taurus, we now venture further into the cosmos to explore the olfactory secrets of the remaining six signs. Let’s begin to see what the remaining stars have in store for our noses!


Libras, the harmonious lovers of the zodiac, are all about balance and beauty. They have a deep appreciation for love and harmony in all aspects of life. To resonate with their romantic nature, choose fragrances that are romantic and harmonious, featuring notes like rose, jasmine, and sweet pea.

Following are the must have for all the lovers out there:

  • Chocolatey Jasmine Charm: A scent that combines love and luxury.
  • Miss Congeniality Casino Rose Elixir: A fragrance fit for the charming Libra.
  • Desert Reflection: Find your balance in the desert's beauty.
  • Ti Amo Mi Amor: Express your love with this harmonious scent.


Scorpios, the enigmatic seekers of the zodiac, have a deep and mysterious nature. They are intense and crave depth in all aspects of life. To match their enigmatic essence, select fragrances that are intense and mysterious, featuring notes like patchouli, black pepper, and musk.

Following fragrances will never go wrong with your mysterious personality:

  • Don’t Buy Me; I Smell: A scent that leaves a lasting impression.
  • Tux: For the Scorpio who enjoys a touch of sophistication.
  • Velvety Night: Embrace the depths of the night with this scent.
  • Savage Poseidon: Dive into the mystery with this powerful fragrance.


Sagittarians, the adventurous explorers of the zodiac, are known for their love of travel and exploration. They have an unquenchable thirst for adventure. To capture their adventurous spirit, choose fragrances that are adventurous and spirited, featuring notes like citrus, cedarwood, and bergamot.

Try these scents to raise your spirits even more:

  • Exceptional Dance Of Dragonflies: Dance through life with this exceptional scent.
  • Captivating Tale Of Summer: A fragrance that captures the essence of a Sagittarian summer.
  • Supernova: Embrace the celestial adventure with this scent.
  • Casino Elixir: Roll the dice and embrace your adventurous side.


Capricorns, the timeless professionals of the zodiac, are disciplined and practical individuals. They appreciate the classics and value sophistication. To resonate with their personality, choose fragrances that are classic and sophisticated, featuring notes like vetiver, leather, and oakmoss.

These sophisticated fragrances will never disappoint you:

  • Leather Vetiver Harmony: A scent that exudes professionalism and refinement.
  • King’s Vetiver: Fit for a Capricorn king or queen.
  • Triumphant: A fragrance that reflects Capricorn's determination.
  • Poseidon's Casino Supernova: Elevate your scent game with this powerful fragrance.


Aquarians, the trailblazing innovators of the zodiac, are known for their unique and unconventional approach to life. They march to the beat of their own drum and embrace individuality. To match their innovative spirit, opt for fragrances that are unique and unconventional, featuring notes like lavender, neroli, and mint.

Express yourself even more with these unique scents:

  • His Homage Water: Make a statement with this fresh aquatic scent.
  • Mint, Verte, Herbs & Sea Salt: Embrace the unconventional with this refreshing fragrance.
  • Flagship: Set sail on a fragrant adventure with this Aquarius-approved scent.
  • Coastside Colada: A tropical twist for the daring Aquarian.


Pisceans, the dreamy visionaries of the zodiac, are sensitive and imaginative souls. They have a deep connection to the ethereal and the dreamlike. To resonate with their nature, select fragrances that are dreamy and ethereal, featuring notes like sea breeze, violet, and musk.

Fulfill your scent dream with these beauties:

  • Breeze Of Newport Beach: Let the sea breeze transport you to a dreamy realm.
  • High Seas: Sail away on a fragrant journey with this Piscean-inspired scent.
  • Mediterranean Sea: Dive into the deep blue sea with this dreamy fragrance.
  • Supernova Cologne Intense: Experience the intensity of otherworldly scents with this fragrance.

The scented zodiac journey comes to an end. Consider your zodiac sign and let the stars guide your scent journey. After all, it's written in the stars!

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