Bois Oudh Attar

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Inspiration: Oud Wood Intense (A highly concentrated attar version) by Tom Ford.

The smell is richer, the flavor is stronger, and the seduction is even more irresistible! The classic Oud Wood by Tom Ford has finally met its match with its seemingly more daring sibling: Oud Wood Intense. Fans of the original have made it a point to add this one to their collection until discovering that the intense designation in the title may have partly been a facade. While the formula itself has been reinvented to convey more strength and virility, the end result is a fragrance that is much more oud-focused than its predecessor! To rule out any accusations of a less-than-godly performance, we have chosen to concentrate this fragrance at attar strength. Thus, Bois Oudh Attar is born. A pronounced agarwood note in the opening reminds us of everything we love about the original and more. Castoreum makes a cameo appearance to intensify the fragrance, and hints of angelica root, cypress, ginger, and juniper berry create an earthy dimension for a composition that is far more grounded than the original from 2007. Since our original Bois Oudh has been sold out for some time, we suspect that the same will happen with our Bois Oudh Attar. Make sure to experience the magic of this fragrance while supplies last!


NOTES: Agarwood, Castoreum, Angelica Root, Ginger, Cypress, and Juniper Berry.

GENDER: Unisex/Masculine

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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