Madagascar Vanilla, Viski, & Aoud
Hybrid: Vaniglia Del Madagascar by Farmacia SS. Annunziata & Kutay by Unique'e Luxury When vanilla is spoken of, a world of olfactive possibilities is imagined. You have dessert vanilla fragrances, boozy vanilla fragrances, fruity vanilla fragrances, and much more. In...
$ 65.00
High On Chocolate
Inspiration: Chocolate Makes Me Happy by Unique’e Luxury There aren't too many perfume brands based out of Turkey, but those that are truly are comprised of exceptional quality. One of these brands is Unique'e Luxury, and they have been producing...
$ 55.00
Mango Magnificence
Inspiration: Mangonifiscent by Unique'e Luxury Fruity perfumes are as ubiquitous as citrus perfumes are in the industry. To really sweeten up the deal and create some newness, an uncommon fruity ingredient needs to be represented in the most organic and...
$ 55.00
Vanillac Viski Aoud
Hybrid: Tihota by Indult & Kutay by Unique'e Luxury Combining boozy Whiskey with the most intoxicating Vanilla ingredient is sure to be a match made in heaven! In this latest hybrid experience, we bring you Vanillac Viski Aoud! Tobacco and...
$ 55.00

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