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Dua Therapy

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Inspiration: Musk Therapy by Initio Parfums

Initio Parfums is one of the fastest growing niche brands. With offerings like Rehab, Oud For Greatness, and Side Effect, it really comes as no surprise that the popularity of the brand is growing at an alarming rate. However, there is one recent release that does things in a unique and groundbreaking way. This fragrance is called Musk Therapy, and it is an intoxicating blend of musks, black currant, and sandalwood. The creamy sweetness in the base is to die for, and the bergamot in the opening keeps the fragrance fresh for a surprisingly long time! Touches of hedione and synthetic musk create an enigmatic and intricate sensation in the base that creates a sense of uniqueness. Dua Therapy is our one-to-one recreation of this amazing release by Initio, and we ensured that our fragrance came as close as possible to the original. The stunning accuracy will make you feel as though you’re wearing the original, and we can guarantee that our extrait de parfum iteration will perform beyond your expectations! With all of the intoxicating fragrances The Dua Brand releases, you will eventually require therapy. Dua Therapy is just what the fragrant doctor ordered!


NOTES: Musk, White Musk, Black Currant, Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, White Sandalwood, Magnolia, and Hedione.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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Dua Therapy
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