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A Forest Mystery

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Inspiration: Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens

Few brands have received the recognition in the industry that Serge Lutens has received. With hits like Chergui and Borneo 1834, the brand has bestowed some classics upon us, and for that, we are eternally grateful. Today, we have a recreation of a green and earthy wonder, which is called Fille en Aiguilles. Our inspiration is called A Forest Mystery, and this dark and mysterious fragrance blends the fresh, evergreen aroma of pine with the smoky and alluring scent of incense, dried fruits, fir balsam, spices, bay leaf, and vetiver. Like a mysterious forest shrouded in mist, this scent is both alluring and a little bit dangerous. From the initial application of this enigmatic perfume, you'll feel as though you're wandering through a labyrinth of ancient trees, with the scent of the forest leading you deeper and deeper into the unknown. The woodsy notes of pine and vetiver are infused with the spicy and sweet scents of dried fruits and spices, creating a scent that is both tantalizing and grounding. This perfume is the perfect accessory for those who love to embrace their gothic side, a reminder that sometimes it's good to embrace the darkness. So go ahead, delve into the heart of the mystical forest and discover the secrets that lurk within.


NOTES: Pine, Incense, Dried Fruits, Fir Balsam, Spices, Bay Leaf, and Vetiver.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

Bottle is filled to 34 ML (1.1 FL.OZ) even though the current label may show 30 ML

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A Forest Mystery
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