A Night In Qatar

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Inspiration: Qatar by Roja Parfums

Roja Parfums is the epitome of quality and fine craftsmanship when it comes to high-end perfumery. This olfactive dedication to Qatar features some of the most illustrious ingredients available in a perfumer’s palette. From the hard-to-find rose de Mai ingredient to the expensive ambergris and sandalwood in the base, this amber spicy perfume will leave you in a state of bliss. A Night in Qatar is our version of this exquisite release, and instead of paying $550 for a 50ml bottle, you can save a car payment on our inspired expression featuring the same great ingredients! Due to the relationship we have with premier factories and suppliers around the world, we can recreate this enchanting perfume with stunning accuracy! Prepare to fall in love with this journey to an exotic destination as you explore the riches of Qatar in olfactory form! A Night in Qatar blends exotic resins, spicy saffron, and oud with a cotton candy accord for a pleasant amount of sweetness that will leave you smelling irresistible! A Night in Qatar is a perfume you can wear despite the time of day! You will be sure to discover your new favorite fragrance with A Night in Qatar!


NOTES: Citrus, Peach, Rose de Mai, Pear, Jasmine, Violet, Cotton Candy, Oud, Ambergris, Benzoin, Musk, Orris Root, Styrax, Saffron, Cashmere Wood, Vanilla, Patchouli, Birch, Labdanum, Cloves, Sandalwood, and Cedar Wood.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

Bottle is filled to 34 ML (1.1 FL.OZ) even though the current label may show 30 ML

$ 65.00
$ 65.00
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A Night In Qatar
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