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1. Dua Diamond Burner

The crystal is beautifully crafted for this burner with a high quality of metal. The burner is ideal for burning bakhoor or incense wood chips. Or you can just let it sit as a decoration piece as well, it'll get all the spotlight no matter where you keep it! The right way to say it: Shine bright like a Diamond with the Dua Diamond Burner!

2. Dua Dome Burner

The dome represents the circular universe of aroma the bakhoor is set to create! With the premium quality of gold metal used for the burner, it is sure to give you the aroma that you truly desire! Dua Dome Burner is elegant, classy and just the perfect fit for your next bakhoor burning experience!

3. Dua Decan Burner

The beautiful detailing on the crystal of this burner is bound to get all the praise! With the best quality of metal, the bakhoor in the burner will definitely last throughout your day! Start your day with sprinkling a little Dua Bakhoor in the Dua Decan Burner for a beautiful aroma-filled day ahead!

Weight: 15 oz.

$ 50.00
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