Chilling By The Pacific

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Inspiration: Pacific Chill by Louis Vuitton

A scent that perfectly captures the spirit of the Pacific Ocean's turquoise depths emanates from its enormous embrace. Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, and citron surge like cresting waves, jarring the senses with their bright vitality. A refreshing zephyr of mint dances on the coastal breeze, reviving the spirit. Coriander and black currant mix together in a way that sounds like a twilight serenade. And as the wonderful combination of sweetness and vegetal appeal, apricot and basil entwine. Secrets of the watery world are whispered by carrot seeds, which resemble fantastical mermaids. Dates, figs, and roses all bloom in tandem, their aromatic petals spreading like sea vegetation. And ambrette, an oceanic temptation, clings to the skin like memories that have been touched by the sea. This scent embodies the alluring spirit of the Pacific and pays aromatic homage to all of its incredible treasures. Pacific Chill has already received overwhelming amounts of love, and we made sure to recreate it just in time for the summer! Our inspired expression is called Chilling By The Pacific, and this is bound to become your new signature scent this summer!


NOTES: Citron, Orange, Lemon, Mint, Black Currant, Coriander, Apricot, Basil, Carrot Seeds, May Rose, Dates, Fig & Ambrette.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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