Creamy Coquito

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Original: A Dua Original Blend

The cultural influence of certain alcoholic cocktails can not be ignored. The coquito is such a cocktail whose roots originated in Puerto Rico. As we pay homage to this great nation, we wanted to do this "Puerto Rican Eggnog" justice! The name of this beverage translates to little coconut, so of course we infused several varieties of coconut into this original creation so that we can make it as authentic as possible. One whiff will immediately remind you of the winter holidays when this beverage is traditionally consumed! Coconut and coconut cream milk open up this composition before spiced dark rum sweeps in with its intoxicating effect! The spices gently intermingle with the cinnamon, which serves to sweeten things up along with vanilla extract that indulges the base with its balmy presence! Creamy Coquito is the name of our most recent original creation, and we are glad to bestow this flavorful blend upon you! Be careful or you are sure to become intoxicated by the irresistible aroma that emanates from this powerful fragrance. The vanilla will linger for the entire day, and the spiciness of the dark rum is hard to put down! Creamy Coquito says it all! Are you ready to indulge in its deliciousness?


NOTES: Coconut, Coconut Cream Milk, Cinnamon Sticks, Spiced Dark Rum, Condensed Milk, Nutmeg, & Vanilla Extract

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

30 ML (1 FL.OZ)

$ 60.00
$ 60.00
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Creamy Coquito
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