Extreme Fellow

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Inspiration: Extreme Men (Vintage formulation from 2007) by Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a designer brand that needs no introduction. It has pioneered so many genres within the industry, and it continues to impress fragrant consumers around the world even till this day. In 2007, the luxury brand released Tom Ford for Men Extreme. This spicy fragrance combines patchouli with truffle and fig. The exotic flavor of the truffle complements the fruitiness of the fig in a way that was both contemporary and masculine. The earthiness of the patchouli combines with cedar wood to create the long lasting appeal that many men fell in love with. This fragrance is indeed becoming harder to find, and we made it a point to do our best to resurrect this fragrance as soon as possible. Our inspired expression is called Extreme Fellow, and it brings you the same note breakdown with even higher tenacity. This long lasting woody spicy fragrance will get you noticed as you impress people left and right. Touches of lemon create a freshness that is inviting. While Black Orchid also contains a truffle note, this fragrance masculinizes the composition with its accents of patchouli and cedar. The playfulness of the fig makes the fragrance so addicting. Extreme Fellow is sure to become your new signature scent for the cold weather. Why be average when you can be extreme?


NOTES: Truffle, Patchouli, Fig, Cedar, and Lemon

GENDER: Masculine

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

30 ML (1 FL.OZ)

$ 55.00
$ 55.00
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Extreme Fellow
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