French Guiana

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Inspiration: Caribs by Amaffi

How many people do you know who would comfortably spend $2,800 for a perfume? If they are in their right mind financially, chances are that they wouldn’t even consider making such an extravagant purchase. Perfumes like these are truly manufactured for the elite and those who are financially endowed. However, most consumers are interested in smelling good on a budget, and that is one of the core values that we espouse. Amaffi is a luxury perfume brand based out of Switzerland, and they manufacture some of the best fragrances we have ever smelled. Unfortunately, the price tag is quite exclusive, and our recreation of their hit Caribs aims to dismantle said exclusivity. Our inspired expression of this monstrously expensive perfume is called French Guiana, and its deceptively simple combination of sandalwood, labdanum, and orchid will leave you enamored. The pure sandalwood used in the original along with our recreation is unadulterated and absolutely refined. The labdanum is rich and exotic, and its biblical warmth will establish a state of bliss. The orchid delight will enchant you with its flowery magnetism, and it complements the woods and balsams in the most distinguished fashion. French Guiana is truly an experience you ought not to miss. Our quality will also blow away all of your expectations.


NOTES: Sandalwood, Labdanum, and Orchid.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

30 ML (1 FL.OZ)

$ 33.00
$ 33.00
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French Guiana
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