Golden Spice Latte

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Inspiration: Turmeric Latte by Lush

The fresh brewed aroma of Turmeric Latte by Lush is our inspiration behind Golden Spiced Latte. It captures the essence of warmth and comfort in a bottle. In the heart of this fragrance lies a rich blend of Benzoin and Tonka Bean, reminiscent of the cozy embrace of a knitted sweater. As the scent unfolds, creamy waves of Vanilla swirl, akin to the frothy indulgence of a spiced latte topped with Turmeric for a deeper touch. Each spritz envelops you in a blanket of nostalgia, evoking memories of leisurely afternoons spent in the company of good books and even better company. Embrace the coziness of Golden Spice Latte, where every note is a celebration of life's simple pleasures. Don't miss out on this amazing recreation!


NOTES: Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, & Turmeric

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

34 ML (1.1 FL.OZ)

$ 33.00
$ 33.00
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Golden Spice Latte
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