Intense Homme Attar

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Inspiration: Homme Parfum by Dior.

Dior fans know all too well that the brand’s fragrances are to be enjoyed in the moment. After a few heart-throbbing years, the brand reformulates and discontinues fragrances so that they may never see the light of day again. Such is also the case with Dior Homme Parfum. After winning the favor of tens of thousands of perfume lovers, the brand has decided to repackage and reformulate. Owners of the 2014 may consider themselves lucky. However, the luck is ignited and brought to life once more with our highly concentrated Intense Homme Attar. Like we have successfully done in the past, we are choosing to release a sprayable attar with our version of Dior Homme Parfum so that we have a product that could seriously compete with the incredible performance of the original. The end result is a fragrance with monstrous sillage and hours upon hours of longevity. To boot, we have mirrored the original formula by nearly 100%! We know you will be satisfied with our chemists’ work once you get a whiff of Intense Homme Attar! This is a leather scent with oriental nuances that will keep you smelling yourself for as long as the essence lingers. A beautiful and Dior-like iris opening inundates you in the most pleasant way before a richness of ambrette and deep woods occupy the base. Sandalwood and agarwood are the star players, but a smooth and creamy leather plays its role effortlessly as well. Centifolia rose is as sensual as they come. Autumn is here, so make sure to secure your bottle of Intense Homme Attar while it’s still available! This product will move quickly.


NOTES: Iris, Italian Orange, Sandalwood, Leather Accord, Musk Mallow, Rose Centifolia, Agarwood, and Cedar Wood.

GENDER: Masculine

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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