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A Dua Artisan Creation

Kalimantan is a region of Indonesia bordering Borneo; Both, Indonesia & Borneo are known for their high-quality sinking Oud chips. Being the border region, Kalimantan produces Oud Chips that capture both regions harvest as one! Pure Kalimantan Oud is used with a Hindi Oud Tincture which makes this whole Oud composition very green. Once I started down this track and had an intense resinous “green” damp forest Oud, it only made sense to screw the IFRA route and use 100% Oakmoss absolute tincture that I had sitting at the lab collecting dust. Little did I know this daring move would create the heart of this perfume! Sure, you get fruits and herbs and woods; but it’s all about the “green” aspect of Oud & the Oakmoss…. oh, the Oakmoss!! This isn’t your everyday fragrance you want to wear to the club or the office, you’ll stink up the place!

Kali is for the person who meditates and practices breathing amongst life’s daily hecticness! Kali is for the person who wants to reconnect with GREEN NATURE ALL AROUND US! Kali is for YOU!

NOTES: Sour Fig, Ajwa Dates, Dried Apricot Skin, Cumin Tincture, Pink Pepper, May Rose Oil, Rose De Mai Tincture, Egyptian Jasmine Tincture, Labdanum, Clove Tincture, Sryrax, Castoreum, Tolu Balsam Tincture, Dry Resin Powder, Oakmoss Absolute Tincture, Cedarwood (Co2 Extracted), Nagarmotha, Ambrette Seed, Mysore Sandalwood Tincture from India (1992 harvest), Hungarian Patchouli Tincture, Indonesian Oud (Kalimantan 30yrs aged), & Hindi Oud Tincture.

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