King of Oudhania

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Inspiration: Royal Oud by Creed.

A blanket of oud uplifts bright notes of bergamot and lemon to create a western appeal for an eastern-inspired blend of ingredients. When Creed released Royal Oud in 2011, many expressed their concern over the cleverly disguised oud that is neither animalic nor arduous. However, our lab analysis disclosed a most desirable insertion of natural oud that is sure to tip any allocation of funds to its max. Recreating this fragrance meant having to source distributors and suppliers of the most exquisite of raw materials. We initially planned to release this fragrance many years ago along with other counterparts from the same company. After finally sourcing the finest agarwood for this blend, we knew that the time was right. King of Oudhania captures all of the splendor and elocution of Creed’s Royal Oud without the costly price tag. Our version is remarkably more inexpensive than the over $500 you can expect to spend for a 100ml bottle of the original fragrance. Most people I know are not keen to spending half-a-monthly-rent’s payment on a bottle of eau de parfum, so we bring you an inspired expression with a smell that is unparalleled for a fraction of the cost. The finest Tonkin musk and Indian agarwood will undoubtedly remind the wearer of the Creed fragrance after which this one is constructed. Pink berries and angelic root add personality to the fragrance without taking away from the eastern elements that set this composition apart from others within the collection. We are ecstatic to once again be able to provide a one-to-one experience for fans of one of the most established niche perfume houses in the world.

CLASSIFICATION: Oriental Fougere

NOTES: Calabrian Bergamot, Lemon Peel, Pink Berries, Cedar Wood, Galbanum, Sandalwood, Tonkin Musk, Angelic Root, and Indian Agarwood.

GENDER: Masculine

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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