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Massoia Resin

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Inspiration: Santal Massoia by Hermes

Santal Massoia is the benchmark fragrance when it comes to the note of massoia. This milky-smelling wood note is both earthy and lactonic. It serves as the perfect complement to sandalwood as they both have a rich and creamy texture. For this reason, Santal Massoia makes perfect sense as the name of the original from which we draw our inspiration. As if the personality of these two notes weren’t enough, the master perfumer uses accords of milk and sugar to enhance the texture and sweetness of the blend. This unique combination of notes and accords makes it a fragrance we had to add to our ever-growing collection of inspired expressions. Our version is called Massoia Resin, and it bears the same milky-smelling wood note as the original. Dried fruits add to the sweetness of the blend while also giving you something that you can metaphorically sink your teeth into. Massoia Resin is as rich as the name conveys. Sweeter than it is sappy, Massoia Resin is a unique-fragrance lover’s dream! For something darker and more exotic, Massoia Resin is the right perfume for you!


NOTES: Milk, Sandalwood, Massoia Resin, Dried Fruits, Sugar, and Floral Notes.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

30 ML (1 FL.OZ)

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Massoia Resin
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