Mrs. Sunshine

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Inspiration: Sunshine For Women by Amouage

When the name Amouage is uttered, conversations of uniqueness and longevity usually ensue. The Omani brand is known for their long lasting perfumes and the daring nature of their compositions. Some of the most daring offerings from the brand include Interlude for Men, Fate for Men, and Myths for Men. One thing is certain: Amouage fragrances march to the beat of their own drum! When it comes to their feminine offerings, there is one that has been widely recognized as a masterpiece. This amber floral perfume is called Mrs. Sunshine, and it is a breathtaking blend of almond, osmanthus, jasmine, and white tobacco. Both men and women alike enjoy this perfume as the rich aroma of the tobacco sweeps you away after the spicy almond in the opening entrances you. Herbal hints of artemisia also keep the intoxication alive as they evoke hints of absinthe and the hallucinogenic bliss that accompanies the consumption of the spirit. Base notes of patchouli and papyrus create the amber-like sensation, and the warmth of the blend is sure to keep you feeling cozy for many hours. Our inspired expression is called Mrs. Sunshine, and the glint of this fragrance is sure to illuminate your olfactive style! To keep you smelling bright for many hours, Mrs. Sunshine is a choice as clear as day!


NOTES: Almond, Black Currant, Artemisia, Osmanthus, Vanilla, Magnolia, Jasmine, White Tobacco, Papyrus, Juniper, and Patchouli.

GENDER: Feminine

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

30 ML (1 FL.OZ)

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$ 55.00
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Mrs. Sunshine
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