Nizam's Court

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Inspiration: Nizam by Royal Crown

Nizam’s Court is a scent that brings to life the opulence of a king's court. The vivid tones of the Mandarin Orange and Amalfi Lemon resound through sumptuous rooms like heralds declaring the dawn. Cardamom's allure is intertwined with Aquatic Notes that flow like the river of time, as if courtiers were whispering secrets. As heirloom courtly garments, Tulsi and Orange Blossoms grow, and Heliotrope imbues the air with regal elegance. While Vetiver's depth resembles a king's unflinching gaze, Cypress towers high like palace columns. Birch and Ambergris conjure up images of regal splendor, and Musk caresses like the finest silk. Nizam’s Court is a scent that lends regal charm to every situation. This inspired expression of Royal Crown’s Nizam will save you more money than you can imagine!


NOTES: Amalfi Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Aquatic Notes, Cardamom, Tulsi, Orange Blossom, Heliotrope, Cypress, Vetiver, Ambergris, Birch, & Musk.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

34 ML (1.1 FL.OZ)

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