Owner Of Destiny

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Inspiration: Muse by Xerjoff

When you realize your ability to manifest your own future and take it in whichever direction you want, what is the limit to what you can achieve when you become the owner of your own destiny? With this latest olfactory expression, we have a divine perfume called Owner Of Destiny! This is our interpretation of Xerjoff’s Muse, and it is a fragrant masterpiece whose beautiful symphony beckons the spirit. White Flowers bloom like graceful muses, inspiring artistic strokes on this aromatic canvas, while luscious Plum and Raspberry entwine like the colorful palette of a painter. The air is filled with the finest sonnet as Jasmine's melody floats through it gracefully and for many hours. The gentle yet assertive embrace of Leather is like a consoling touch from an artist. Davana dances in unison, sparking desires unbridled, as Labdanum unfolds like a painter's brush. Patchouli's earthy appeal roots the creative spirit while Amber radiates with the warmth of inspiration. Owner Of Destiny is our inspired expression of this chypré fruity perfume from 2019, and we are proud and excited to finally have our version available for our loyal DUA supporters!


NOTES: Plum, Leather, White Flowers, Jasmine, Davana, Labdanum, Raspberry, Amber, Patchouli, & Benzoin.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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