Peach Tabacum

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Original: A Dua Original Blend

Description written by a fellow #Duahead: Jorden Taylor.

A realistic peach note that makes people enthusiastic and crave for more is rare. The harmony of peach accords in Peach Tabacum, combined, do just that. Imagine sitting in your own private orchard, filled with sun-ripened Loring; Suncrest; Cresthaven; and Saturn peaches, all around you. As you sit at your favorite farm table in the midst of these peaches, smelling the symphony of their incredible, collective scent, so ready to for you to eat them, guests arrive to sit with you and enjoy the day.

One of your guests brought with them their signature pipe, and as they open up the miniature barrel that holds what they are about to smoke, you smell something reminiscent of the best aspects of Newminster No. 400 Superior Navy Flake pipe tobacco and Sutliff Tobacco Company Molto Dolce (Sutliff Private Stock) pipe tobacco.

Sitting on the table is a bowl of sweet almonds that were freshly roasted over an open fire only minutes ago. To cool off those almonds, a juicy apricot is squeezed and drizzled over them, giving it a an even more enticing aroma.

A member of your family brings out what smells like Barenjager Honey & Bourbon, with a peach sitting in that bourbon to give it a refreshing flavor. A hint of tonka beans from Venezuela, dried fruits, and the slightest whiff of white musk cozy up to you, as the conversation amongst loved ones continues to flow.

Peach Tabacum is not just a fragrance; it is an experience. Fresh peaches from farm to table; pipe tobacco that smells so syrupy; bourbon fresh from a barrel that was coated in honey; roasted almonds soaked in apricot juice; tonka beans ready to be put in a French dessert; dried fruits on the table for snacking; and a white musk on your linen shirt... all available to you with just a few sprays from this bottle. This is an original blend you won't be able to get anywhere else. As you get to know Peach Tabacum, those in your periphery will want the opportunity to know you.

CLASSIFICATION: Oriental Gourmand

NOTES: Pipe Tobacco, Apricot Shisha Tobacco, Peach Peel, Ripe Peaches, Honey Bourbon, Red Berries, Dried Fruits, Roasted Almonds, Tonka Beans, & White Musk!

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

30 ML (1 FL.OZ)

$ 65.00
$ 65.00
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Peach Tabacum
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