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Perfumer Dua: Lemon Tree

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Inspiration: Lemon Tree by Perfumer H

How many people would feel comfortable spending £400 on a fragrance? Obviously, this is something that only the aristocracy can do, and thus, many people will go their entire lives without smelling certain fragrances. Why fall in love with something you can’t own, right? Wrong! This is where we come in. We have recently recreated an amazing citrus fragrance by Perfumer: H. This fragrance is called Lemon Tree, and the citrus and green appeal of this fragrance is a citrus-lover’s fantasy! The bright and effervescent tones in the opening are bursting at the seams. French lavender is as classy and natural as it can get. Jasmine Sambac joins with its own special organic personality, and a base of cedar wood from Virginia adds some of the darker tonalities to the blend. We fell in love with the versatile and easy-going nature of this fragrance, so we got to work recreating it immediately. Our inspired expression is called Perfumer Dua: Lemon Tree. Now you may enjoy the beautiful appeal of this fragrance without spending the equivalent of a car payment. May you find your next signature scent with Perfumer Dua: Lemon Tree!


NOTES: Sicilian Lemon, Green Mandarin, Green Leaves Accord, French Lavender, Spanish Rosemary, Jasmine Sambac, Virginian Cedar Wood, and Musk.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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Perfumer Dua: Lemon Tree
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