Plum Brandy

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Original: A Dua Original Blend

Brandy is known for its high alcohol content, and for it being sweeter than whiskey. The finest brandy is aged in wooden barrels, and it can have a taste that resembles dried fruits and flowers. In the case of Plum Brandy, you get both the intoxicating sweetness and the long-lasting woods. This latest Dua original blend combines ripe plums with plum jam, plum liquor, brandy, cedar wood, vanilla tincture, and ambroxan. The amber accord is enough to elevate the sweetness while maintaining a level of sophistication. The brandy note is gently spiced, and we always use the highest-quality brandy we can find so that we can synthesize our accord to perfection. We have worked on many brandy fragrances in the past, but what makes this one so special is that plum is such a unique note that generally receives much praise. The ripeness of the plums will be enough to steal your attention as you eventually fall in love with the mellifluous sweetness of the vanilla. Plum Brandy is the next original creation that is quickly becoming our new favorite. This is one you will be sure to enjoy all winter long!


NOTES: Ripe Plums, Plum Jam, Plum Liquor, Plum Juice, Cedar Wood, Amber, Brandy, Vanilla Tincture, Vanilla, and Ambroxan.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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