Poseidon's Legendary Chariot

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Tribrid: Aventus by Creed, Percival by Parfums de Marly & Layton by Parfums de Marly.

The compliment factor of a fragrance will always be contingent on how the fragrance is worn and how comfortable you are in your own skin. However, we cannot deny that certain ingredients generally have a higher batting average with the general public when it comes to garnering compliments. Such ingredients can be found in modern classics such as Aventus, Layton, and Percival. Since we have already been successful in tackling these releases and coming out with our own version of each, we wanted to put our chemists to the test and have them piece together the best elements from all three of these fragrances in order to create a singular, cohesive fragrance. The end product is Poseidon’s Legendary Chariot, and we could not have asked for a more balanced fragrance. The familiar pineapple and birch opening will immediately place you in the genre of a fruity chypré while apple and vanilla allude to the seductive nature of Parfums de Marly’s Layton. Lavender and violet are borrowed from Percival to create the cultivated and tasteful aroma that serves as the perfect complement to the sweeter fruity hints of the fragrance. Creating a “tribrid” can be a creative risk, but in the case of Poseidon’s Legendary Chariot, the risk is surely rewarded. Ride valiantly and like a god today with this new extrait de parfum!


NOTES: Bergamot, Mandarin, Jasmine, Lavender, Violet, Geranium, Patchouli, Cardamom, Guaiac Wood, Sandalwood, Pink Peppercorn, Coriander, Cinnamon, Musk, Pepper, Fir Balsam, Nutmeg, Blackcurrant Leaves, Apple, Pineapple, Birch, Patchouli, Rose, Oakmoss, Ambergris, and Vanilla.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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