Pride of Kuwait

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Inspiration: the Victorious Dasman by Boadicea

Leave it to Boadicea the Victorious to capture the splendor and luxury of Kuwait, a country with a rich history of music, art, and literature. Dasman is the brand’s olfactory representation and dedication to Kuwait, and we would be lying if we said that it’s not one of our favorites! Of course, our love for this fragrance has driven us to source materials so that we may create our own inspired expression. We have decided to call our version Pride of Kuwait, and surely enough, it’s a fragrance to be proud of! Energizing neroli and bergamot capture you in the opening. Exotic and mysterious saffron leaves its mark before Turkish rose will make you close your eyes and take in the deepest lungful of this fragrant air. Natural oud from Cambodia and incense occupy the base to reveal the richness of this amazing country that has such a prideful history. We can’t wait for you to smell Pride of Kuwait, and we are sure that our inspiration conveys the expensiveness and richness of this great nation!


NOTES: Saffron, Bergamot, Geranium, Turkish Rose, Neroli, Amber, Musks, Patchouli, Vetiver, Cambodian Oud, Nagarmotha, and Incense.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

30 ML (1 FL.OZ)

$ 65.00
$ 65.00
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Pride of Kuwait
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