Purple Sapphire

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Inspiration: Violet Sapphire (Harrods Exclusive) by Boadicea the Victorious .

The Louvre is where you will find The Mona Lisa, Rome is home to the iconic Colosseum, and Harrods London shelters some of the most magnificent scented portraits to have ever been smelled. Among these is Violet Sapphire by Boadicea The Victorious, and it is a perfume lover's masterpiece. Raspberry and rose sit in the throne of this majestic composition for an experience never before encountered. The opulent nature of the Iranian rose is mirrored by Sambac jasmine, which steals your breath away with its natural beauty. Lovers of sweet will be beckoned by a kiss of peach that completes another layer to an already elaborate aroma. Promises of mystery are kept in the base with Cambodian oud to remind the wearer of the magnificence of the blend. We chose to not change a thing with our rendition of this masterpiece, which we have chosen to call Purple Sapphire. The original sells for £595, which translates to almost $800. We are excited to once again fulfill our mission to bring the most unobtainable fragrances to your doorstep. Purple Sapphire closes the next chapter in our olfactory tale.


NOTES:Raspberry Sorbet, Passion Fruit, Violet, Peach, Iranian Rose, Magnolia, Sambac Jasmine, Cambodian Oud, Amber, Musk, Cashmere Wood, and Sandalwood.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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