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Rose Oud Love

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Inspiration: Love, Don’t be Shy – Rose & Oud by Kilian

Wrap yourself in the embrace of an unforgettable sensation. Rose Oud Love weaves together the tantalizing aroma of neroli, agarwood, vanilla, and rose to create a symphony of scents that will ignite your senses. The sweet, citrusy notes of neroli dance with the rich, earthy undertones of agarwood, creating a captivating contrast that will leave you breathless. Meanwhile, the creamy, indulgent sweetness of vanilla and the delicate petals of rose blend together in a warm, floral embrace, creating a fragrance that is both sensual and romantic. This perfume is like a slow, passionate waltz, taking you on a journey of desire and ecstasy. It's an intimate and irresistible scent that will leave you feeling like the ultimate romantic encounter. Try Rose Oud Love, which is our inspired expression of Kilian Paris Love, Don’t be Shy – Rose & Oud, and you will have a chance to experience a truly amorous experience!


NOTES: Oud, Neroli, Vanilla, and Rose

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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Rose Oud Love
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