Satin Midnight Attar

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Inspiration: Oud Satin Mood Extrait by MFK - Sprayable Attar Extrait.

Oud is a precious natural ingredient and raw material that is perfectly expressed in the masterpieces of Francis Kurkdjian. To fully capture the middle-eastern splendor and appeal of the aroma, Dua Fragrances is proud to offer this masterpiece in the form of a sprayable attar. Full-of-life rose leaves its mark upon the scent. Moments later, enticing resins take center stage for a splendid performance that leaves the crowd chanting for an encore. Violet weaves itself seamlessly with the rose to produce a fresh, contemporary, and exotic floral aroma that makes this fragrance chemistry modern yet classic. Only a celebrity perfumer like Francis Kurkdjian possesses the talent necessary to awaken this earthly and floral blend of ingredients. The fragrance's namesake creates cohesion among the others in the collection to establish a desired base that breathes life into the creation. Since attars typically provide the highest oil concentration available, we recommend that you treat this blend the way you would any attar-strength fragrance. Limit application to skin, rub gently in pulse points to activate the molecules, and due to the coloration of the costly natural ingredients, apply the fragrance at a fair distance away from clothing to prevent staining. For the ultimate performance of an unapologetically bold fragrance, Satin Midnight Attar is the prime choice for the occasion!


NOTES: Tunisian Rose, Geranium, Cinnamon from Ceylon, Turkish Rose, Benzoin, Vanilla, Laotian Oud, Amber, and Violet Accord.

GENDER: Unisex


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