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Inspiration: Rhapsody by Louis Vuitton

While Louis Vuitton fragrances are nowhere near as expensive as their handbags and luxury purses, a 100ml bottle for $530 is still rather expensive. This is much more than a car payment for most, and it epitomizes luxury. Rhapsody by Louis Vuitton is an unquestionably luxurious fragrance, which is a modern take on the floral chypré genre. The oakmoss and vetiver create the chypré vibe while narcotic and exotic floral notes like ylang ylang and lily-of-the-valley add the delicate texture in the heart. Rhapsody is a fragrant delight when it comes to earthy and flowery perfumes, and in good conscience, we can’t let people spend $530 for a 100ml bottle. For this reason, we have recreated this one with the assistance of our skilled chemists and friends overseas. Our inspired expression is called Serenade, and this beautiful lullaby will place you in a trance where you will become immediately transfixed by the exotic floral notes and the naturally earthy base! Serenade is the song for the season! Make sure to add this one to your playlist right away!


NOTES: Lily-of-the-Valley, Ylang Ylang, Oakmoss, Maté, Jasmine, Vetiver, Rose, and Patchouli.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

30 ML (1 FL.OZ)

$ 55.00
$ 55.00
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